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January 8th
 Hi everyone! 

If you are here in sunny Aus like me, I hope you are having a MAGNIFICENT fun filled holiday with your kids, dogs, other half, by yourself - whatever!  We aren't actually going away long term over the break, as it is all systems go go go for the new studio. Which is my way of saying we have invested all out money in the studio and cant afford a hol! Only kidding - it actually is more about time. We pick up the keys to our new premises on Feb 1, and will have about 4 weeks to get it ship shape before launch. There will be a massive amount to do! But you know what? I really can't wait. 

We have been going off on some really fun day trips. Mornington Peninsula on the last sunny beach day we had, the Phillip Island yesterday with friends, then I am off to Lake Mountain in the alpine area of Victoria for an overnight hike. It's a practice hike for a major hike I am doing with a group of likeminded (crazy) gals at Easter time in the Flinders Ranges.  So lots of adventures going on. 

I am trying to utilise my business fanpage (as opposed to my personal page) on facebook - so please go right ahead and like "cinchpt" - we'd love to see you there!

All the best! Cinchyxx

Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo