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August 20th
 Hi everyone! 

Hope you are well and happy!  Last time I checked in with you I mentioned that I had popped in to Stepwell Podiatry and met Thien Trinh the podiatrist there who has just brought out his own range of compression gear called Stryda? Since then, we have formed a strategic alliance, with Thien asking me to become a brand ambassador for Stryda - which I am extremely happy to do!  This means in the future I will be sharing great deals with you - either via social media in the form of coupons you can utilise online (and no - it doesn't matter if you are in Canada or the US or the Ukraine - we will ship the gear to you)  or face to face at my launch parties. I really love this gear!

Personal training here in my studio is going from strength to strength with myself and Lauren busier than ever - we just love looking after you all! Laure in off to Noosa for ten days at the start of September so I will be filling in for her with clients who don't want to miss a session whilst she is away.

The other leg of my business XANGO continues to take off. If you are reading this and looking for an amazing business opportunity and might like to work with me as your business mentor then please let me know! .We have so much fun, and I am having a blast spreading the word about XANGO's amazing product range and helping my girlfriends do the same, as well as increasing their financial health too - win win.  You can check out my business site here.
Likewise if there is anything you want to try for yourself in terms of product, either contact me, or you can order here

For those of us in Australia - we are nearly there! Spring is just around the corner! Hang in there, keep training, the days of salad and barbies and long lanquid evenings  are mere weeks away - we can do this!

Have a great week everyone!

yours in supreme youthful silliness

nikki and lauren
Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo