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July 18th
 Hi everyone! 

What am I excited about right now?
Well, a few things! One is getting a few more shots done with Erin Pimm Photographer . This time, we are going for a grungy, sporty look, to use as advertising for cinch personal training - I am really excited to see what Erin can do! 

It was really great to meet Thien Tranh yesterday. Thien  runs Stepwell Podiatry at 14 Station Rd Rosanna. Not only is Thien a podiatrist (who my clients all rave about!) he also has designed and manufactured his own range of compression garments. Yesterday, as it was the launch of that product (Stryda Compression gear) everything was 50% reduced. This means I bought a pair of compression tioghts for $60 - BARGAIN! 

Finally I am extremely excited about my new Fit Bit. Mine is a Fit Bit Flex which is promoted as an activity and sleep tracker. I like it as you wear it around one wrist - as opposed to a traditional pedometer that clips on your belt and which gets knocked off every time you take your trousers off. Or maybe that is just me. 
Anyway! I really love my new toy. Believe it or not, even though my job is not sedentary exactly, I am still not exercising with every single client.  The recommended steps for all of us to achieve per day is 10,000. Let me tell you, unless you are already doing A LOT of walking, or are a keen jogger, you are probably nowhere near achieving this. If I have a regular day where I don't deliberately leave the car at home a couple of times I can easily do about 7000 steps. A real eye opener. On top of this the Fit Bit is like My Fitness Pal (the app) in that it monitors calorie consumption and water intake, but also calculates calorie expenditure. It is also a sleep tracker, telling you when you are asleep, awake and restless through the night. Although if you sleep like a log like me (Hello Ageless) this is interesting but not crucial.  All in all, this week I estimate I have upped my activity by I have also lost 1.2kg of body fat. Even trainers can let bad habits creep in, and I was getting a little comfortable being less lean and mean and more skinny fat. Moving a lot more and watching my cals for a week has made a very big difference!  At this rate I should be in quite good shape! ANd most importantly, my CV fitness will be well up. 

Anyway, hope you found that interesting! Fit Bits are available all over the place, Target, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and online. They retail between approx $124 and $129AUD or $99 USD

Have a great week everyone!

yours in supreme youthful silliness

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