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September 3rd
 Hi everyone! 

OK it is officially Spring! Wo jolly hoo hoo hoo! It seems to have been a particularly cold and miserable Winter so some much needed light, sun and warmth is ever so welcome.

You may possibly notice the widget at the top of the page for The Exercise Shop. This is your one stop shop for all things bandy. Rehabing? Prehabing? Training? Therabands are a jolly useful tool for many aspects of strength and conditioning - if you need anything just go straight to The Exercise Shop.

Tienh from Stepwell Podiatry and Stryda compression wear and I have decided to have a big launch around the 2nd week of October. We forgot that we have the school holidays this month, and with many of my Mums away we felt it wasn't a good time to launch me as a brand ambassador . I am so excited by this partnership s I will be offering both in store and online discounts on compression gear that will blow your collective sport socks off.

Xango is rip roaring along. Sure, I can tell you how great the supplements are. How they will assist you in getting stronger, leaner and feel better. You can shop for stuff here at
or even better. Much much better, because you will love it, and you get to work with me! (lol) you can sign up as a distributor with Xango here at
easy peasy. It s absolutely one f the best business decisions I have ever made.

Have a great week everyone!

nikki and lauren
Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo