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November 5th
 Hi everyone! 

It is ALL happening! We are flat out doing our best to accommodate a lot of new clients coming through. It is getting to the point where, by hook or by crook, we need to expand - it is just a question of how! It doesn't seem fair on our neighburs to make our current home business any larger, so we are looking at starting an (additional) off site branch of cinch - in this same area of Rosanna/Macleod/Ivanhoe - which is very exciting!  What a great problem to have!
We also have the problem of what to do this year for our client Christmas party - any suggestions are welcome! We will hopefully be launching a new home training section that night - but on top of that...jazz band? Pop up market? Or something completely different - do let me know your thoughts. 
I met with my friend Carlye this morning (you can read her blog on this site). But what is REALLY exciting is that after being on Xalo Ageless for just over a year, her endocrinologist rang this morning to say her bloods were all back to normal and to go off all her medication (for Graves Disease). Go Carls! (If you are interested in trying Ageless - which is my can't do without product - order here. If you have any questions or problems just give me a ring 0406 261 171 
Finally! We are excited to be part of a lovely cocktail party next week, here in Melbourne, to celebrate Dwayne Dyer being in town.
If you are keen to come along and listen to an inspirational speaker and an entrepreneur (and also hear about Dwayne's Xango story) then send me an email here and I will let you know details. The party is Monday night - so coming up fast!  Put your gladrags on and enjoy some lovely champagne and great food too! 

All the best! Cinchyxx

Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo