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August 29th
 Hi everyone! 

Well, the  sun is shining here in Melbourne town - and don't we all notice a big shift in mood as the sun comes out? I always feel happier in summer and I certainly notice that my clients seem happier and more motivated in the warmer months. Yippee! we made it through a (very) cold winter.

Like every other parent I am feeling pretty busy at the moment. It seems like a constant stream  of school production, end of term outings, holidays to organise, band rehearsals, the list goes on and on. I love being busy - really I don- but just occasionally  it threatens to become a bit much! This is when a nice brisk walk, or a stress releasing workout can really help!

I have a trainer! Ýes I do!

Well, actually it is my husband -Foxy. He worked with me as a personal trainer for over ten years and in my opinion is one of the best in the biz. I am really enjoying the fun of training together (although it is VERY hard) s well as the way he gets me to train in a way I don't tend to do on my own. Yeah, it's pretty cool. So I guess you could say I am al for having a personal trainer!

Have a great week everyone!

yours in supreme youthful silliness

nikki and lauren
Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo