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April 16th
Well, as usual lots of things afoot in cinch land! Filex was AMAZING, some of the highlight speakers for me were Matt O'Neill, Susie Burrell, Paul Taylor and Dr Len Kravitz - all really interesting in their own way. 

Things I got from FILEX. ..
Eat your vegies! 

We are talking 75g 7 times per day. Eat LOTS of veg - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat fermented food - it is good for gut health - think kimchi and sauerkraut. 
Exercise is good for bodies and brains. Increasingly this is a strong focus of exercise is to keep our brains working well and keep nasty things like Alzheimers and dementia at bay. 

Well, we are nearly at Easter - a tricky time for some of us. My tip? Only allow yourself chocolate on Easter Sunday - and go for your life? Easter is really tricky with high cal, high carb, high fat Hot Cross buns, as well as loads of chocolate and possibly panettone as well, not to mention dinner with the family. Aye yay yay. Balance it our with lots of veg, lots of exercise and stick to the very best quality choc you can get your mits on. 

Have fun! 

Have a great week everyone!

yours in health, fitness and happiness

nikki and lauren
Joe Morton and me at my place talking all things XanGo